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25: Instagram Reels with Kevin and Martin

25: Instagram Reels with Kevin and Martin

For another socially distant interview, Pascal and Rachel are joined by Martin and Kevin who work on Instagram Reels, which had its global launch just a few weeks ago. They lift the veil on country tests, what makes stitching videos seamlessly together so hard on Android and iOS and share their thoughts on the short-form video space in general. You will also learn why doing the simple thing first really pays off when working on complex projects. Before the interview, Pascal walks you through the recent events in the Facebook Open Source space. Please do send us feedback! You can reach us via email mobilepodcasts@fb.com, Twitter (@insidefbmobile) or Instagram (insidefbmobile). Topics Hermes: https://hermesengine.dev/ Facebook Open Source on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQY962PmHabTjaHv2wJzfQ Docusaurus v2: https://v2.docusaurus.io/ Timestamps Intro 0:05 News 1:16 Interview 3:32 Outro 43:02 Bloopers 43:45

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