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24: COVID-19 Hub with Chang, Jarman and Zaven

24: COVID-19 Hub with Chang, Jarman and Zaven

Inside Facebook Mobile is back for a special interview with the team behind the Facebook COVID-19 Info Centre. Chang, Jarman and Zaven share their experiences of building and shipping a global product like this over the course of just a few weeks. We discuss how the early architectural decisions enabled the seamless collaboration with tens of teams that were all working remotely.   Before we get to the interview, Mihaela joins Pascal for a quick check-in on Litho, the native UI framework for Android, and Flipper, an extensible dev-tools platform for mobile.   Please do send us feedback! You can reach us via email mobilepodcasts@fb.com, Twitter (@insidefbmobile) or Instagram (insidefbmobile). Topics COVID-19 Hub: https://www.facebook.com/covid-19 Litho: https://fblitho.com/ Flipper: https://fbflipper.com/ Timestamps Intro 0:06 News: Litho 1:09 News: Flipper 4:31 Interview 7:27 Post-Interview 35:36 Outro 37:50 Bloopers 38:14

Duration: 40 min

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