Claire Whittaker

Letting Go So Innovation Can Thrive

Letting Go So Innovation Can Thrive

We start a business with an idea in mind, a goal of making something easier for somebody else, and a way to grow professionally and personally. Then, sometimes our technologies are used in ways we didn’t think they would be used, or we start developing other skills and interests and this has an impact in the line our business is growing, but we try to hold on the initial idea. On today’s episode, Claire will talk about what are the most common reasons we hold on things and how this is probably holding us back from growing. She will share her story as well as other famous examples of how letting go allowed innovation, and how you can start working on this too.Listen to find out:Why letting go is something we can think as a good possibility and doesn’t have to be ultimate necessarily.How letting go opened the space to develop new ideas and grow businesses.How to identify the things we have to let go.Steps to start working on letting go on a mental level and in practice.Get Grammarly in Touch:

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