Chris Solomon Is Making Golf Media Coverage Fan-Driven

Chris Solomon Is Making Golf Media Coverage Fan-Driven

Proof of concept for any successful entrepreneur is table stakes - without this validation of your product’s feasibility, you’re stuck in the starting gate. For Chris Solomon, proof of concept for “No Laying Up,” the podcast and media company he co-founded with Todd Schuster, Phil Landes, and Neil Schuster, arrived in 2016 on a golf course. Not just any golf course, but where the Ryder Cup was in play. From the ninth tee box, Rory McIlroy, one of pro golf’s most elite players, stops his play to tease Chris about the dream pairing Chris and his co-founders had suggested on a recent episode - and Rory was currently beating. Rory didn’t just agree to be a podcast guest, as an ardent fan and a believer in how they were completely disrupting traditional media coverage of the game, Rory pledged to help Chris and No Laying Up’s team in any way necessary. Then and there, Chris knew his life as an accountant was done. It was time to make this weird, hilarious hobby his career. Now, he and his team are broadcasting to the world from Neptune Beach.For full show notes, visit

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