Andrew Rush is Manufacturing in Space and Changing the World

Andrew Rush is Manufacturing in Space and Changing the World

The CEO of Made in Space declares that space is a team sport - and needs all professions to be successful.It takes a certain kind of genius to pack a payload for a trip to space, where it’s not just the cargo dimensions but how the materials will respond to blasting through our atmosphere then behaving in zero gravity, that all have to be considered. So what if you could forego some of those complexities - and build what you need in orbit? Enter Made In Space, the world’s first space-enabled manufacturing company, recently re-headquartered here in Jax. As told by its CEO Andrew Rush, not only does their 3D-printing technology exponentially alter what can be created in the skies above (think giant satellites that build themselves or space-optimized optical fibers), it opens the possibilities of what can happen in extreme environments here on Earth. And it’s not just engineers who are invited to this mission. Andrew is recruiting experts across all business domains, because as he shares in this interview, space isn’t just for scientific exploration, it’s our next economic frontier too.Read more at

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