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IA Interviews: Foster Davis, BreachBits

IA Interviews: Foster Davis, BreachBits

David Sanders, Director of Innovate Arkansas (IA) at Winrock interviews Foster Davis, Co-Founder & COO of BreachBits. BreachBits specializes in cybersecurity with predictions, monitoring, and risk assessment tools. Foster is an Arkansas native who has spent time around the world through military training and business but returned to his home state to build his BreachBits based on his strong belief that Arkansas understands business and technology. David and Foster talk about the unique approach to cybersecurity that Breachbits uses by starting with the question, “what would a hacker do?” Through automation and artificial intelligence, BreachBits emulates hacker techniques to assess business risk to cyber-attacks. Learn more about BreachBits here: 

Duration: 26 min

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