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Charley Patton: Building Your Dreams - The Yoga Barn (Spotlight)

Charley Patton: Building Your Dreams - The Yoga Barn (Spotlight)

If you’re into yoga you probably know Bali is one of the top spots in the world to practice and its epicentre if there is one is Ubud. At the centre of that is the world-renowned Yoga Barn, a truly epic space that has become something of a mecca not just for yogis but all sorts of spiritual seekers looking to explore breathwork, dance and meditation When you first see it you can’t help be impressed but I know it all started with humble beginnings and one of the co-founder’s own hero’s journey from corporate world through yoga and into service. Charley Patton is one of three co-founders in The Yoga Barn and a real gem of a human being. He’s followed his truth and blazed an amazing path to create a wonderful oasis in Bali. His humility and wisdom is really inspiring. I caught up with to understand what it was that drove him to do it, how he has navigated the challenges over the years, and what you can do to make your dreams become a reality as well.

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