Industry Alchemist

Industry Alchemist

ALCHEMY can be defined as

ALCHEMY can be defined as "a seemingly magical process of transformation or creation," according to the Oxford English Dictionary. This podcast exists to tell the stories of entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders (doing just that, in their industry). Welcome to Industry Alchemist, formerly Colorado A-List. In each episode, we learn about the journey of the brave souls carving a new path, moving their industry and our lives forward in an extraordinary way. The host of the show is Matt Brower, Owner and Managing Broker at a Denver boutique commercial real estate firm, Column Commercial Part

Episodes: 41


Episode 40-The Magic In Collaboration

Duration: 48 min

Episode 37-The MMA Fight in All of Us

Duration: 37 min

Episode 36-Existential Potential

Duration: 39 min

Episode 35-The "CIENCE" Behind B2B Lead Gen

Duration: 42 min

Episode 34-Masterful Marketers

Duration: 40 min

Episode 33-Hero Versus Coach

Duration: 27 min

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