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Podcast #19 - Indiana Lagniappe - The British Lose Control 1763

Podcast #19 - Indiana Lagniappe - The British Lose Control 1763

 With the French gone and British in control of the forts a snarky British General named Amherst dropped a bomb on the Indians. He explained “No more free stuff. No free gifts, no powder, no booze. You Indians, your on your own baby.”     The Indians were triggered by the change. It started a cultopolitical (coined) struggle the Indians never had with the French. There would be unintended consequences.     The Ottawa, Chippewa, Huron, and Potawatomi around Detroit were also lit up and began to demonize the foreign devils.  The English responded by increasing the price in beaver fur they charged the Indians for blankets, shirts, jewelry, knives, pans, and paint.     Meanwhile down in Ohio, a Delaware fire breathers hair was on fire,  known as the Delaware Prophet . He was an Indian populist and nationalist who wanted to throw off the running dogs from England, and reclaim their land. The Ottawa war chief Pontiac listened to the Prophets nationalist preaching and declared “game on.”  

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