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Indiana Lagniappe Podcast #20 - 1763 Two Wabash River Forts Fall

Indiana Lagniappe Podcast #20 -  1763 Two Wabash River Forts Fall

Podcast #20 / 1763 - Two British Forts Fall Along the Wabash    Thanks to the Prophet’s “Indians First Movement” the local Indian tribes around the Detroit River were now woke to the British hegemonic intentions. War Chief Pontiac  in response to the local Indians enlightenment coached up four of the tribes to kick off a three phased hot war against the British swells. The first attack was at Fort Detroit. But, Pontiacs surprise tip of his phase one kinetic spear aimed at the garrison at Fort Detroit bombed. So he instantly jumped to phase two - a siege at Fort Detroit. Pontiac then called his war room board of directors together. The phase three collective theme was to pivot from Detroit which was fully under siege and send out a task force with a war wampum belt to recruit other tribes in the Great Lake Region to attack the British Forts in their area. The working group was also tasked with giving a blast to the French at Fort de Chatres on the Mississippi for help. The Indiana tribes along the Wabash River (Wea, Kickapoo and Mascouten ) accepted the war wampum belt from Pontiacs surrogates and moved against Fort Miamis and Fort Ouiatenon. Around the middle of the Summer of 1763 nine British forts in the Great Lakes including Fort Miamis and Fort Ouiatenon had fallen to the Indians. British authority in Indiana no longer existed along the Wabash important fur trade route. Sent from my iPhone      

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