In Diverse Company

S2: E3: Women in Leadership

S2: E3: Women in Leadership

Today we share the third episode of our season 2 of In Conversation With. We speak with Johanna Beresford, one of the few CEOs of a human and technology firm. She started In Diverse Company while being pregnant with her third child. Before this, she served as the International HR Director of various firms for about 20 years, and found herself being particularly interested in the different cultures around the world. She noticed there was so much diversity, but very few firms took advantage of this breadth in perspective, partly because it's a difficult thing to do. And therefore, she thought with her expertise and passion, she can create a difference in the working world, and went on to start this firm. Here, she talks about how she is a CEO, a wife and a mother and what it means to be a woman in leadership.

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