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Episode 44: Bunmi Laditan- "Ridiculously Intense Love"

Episode 44: Bunmi Laditan- "Ridiculously Intense Love"

My conversation with Bunmi Laditan was so refreshing. Bunmi is simultaneously hilarious and full of wisdom. She also has the invaluable gift of putting you completely at ease in her presence. Bunmi is a writer living in Quebec, Canada whose work ranges from the humorous to the poetic, including titles such as The Honest Toddler, Confessions of a Domestic Failure, Dear Mother, and her most recent book, Dear God: Honest Prayers to a God Who Listens. In my time with Bunmi, she shares about her fascinating journey of faith; a journey of exploration, hitting rock bottom, and coming to know God in intimate and unexpected ways. She also shares about some of the unneeded pressure on women, from beauty standards to what we eat, and how pivotal it is for us to see ourselves and others as lovingly and beautifully created by God.

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