6/6/2021 - Jesus Is For Everyone - Acts 8

6/6/2021 - Jesus Is For Everyone - Acts 8

God has many beautiful attributes. The one I’ve been thinking about most is His sovereignty. This means not one thing escapes His notice. Not one thing in your life or in the life of this world catches God by surprise. He controls it all in the palm of his hand. Practically speaking, what does this mean for us? Oftentimes we experience the unexpected and unwelcome. God is in control and when our minds begin to drift toward fear, his sovereignty brings us back. God’s sovereignty extends to salvation also. If you’ve ever wondered how God could reach the farthest person then look no further than Acts chapter eight. It’s here we see the unexpected conversion of an Ethiopian eunuch. God is opening the gospel door wider than anyone expected. Now included: those who were previously excluded from the worship of God. Maybe, just maybe God would choose to save the Samaritans because they had some Jewish blood in them, but a eunuch was categorized as “unfit." Yes, it’s happening. Jesus is for everybody. Also with this conversion we will see the gospel taken to the ends of the earth. It’s just remarkable to see this progression. Through human history God sovereignly works to get his message to those sincerely seeking to know the Savior. But here’s the thing…when God works, he works through men and women. People like you and me. This is an incredible honor and privilege we’ve been given. There’s no joy like seeing someone receive salvation. Have you experienced this? You and I don’t know exactly how God is working behind the scenes. But he’s always preparing people for the words he will give us. Let’s pray for the moment, take the opportunity and rejoice in God’s sovereign plan of salvation!

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