James Sparkman and Elyse Wietstock

I’ll Show You… StarCraft (PC, 1998)

I’ll Show You… StarCraft (PC, 1998)

Welcome to another episode of I’ll Show You Mine! This week, James is rounding out his Trilogy of Shame with another Blizzard classic, the original StarCraft from 1998. A real-time strategy game that revolutionized the genre, StarCraft tells the story of three warring species on the far edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.Join us as we talk about that magic Blizzard touch for great stories and characters wrapped in a well-designed package, James recalls how he first played StarCraft after being dumped in a computer lab at a summer job, and Elyse reminds everyone that she is not good at this game.Our next episode will be August 14th, when Elyse shows James The Apartment from 1960.Our theme song is by us! James Sparkman and Elyse Wietstock.Follow us on Twitter at @isympodcast and on Twitch at twitch.tv/isympodcastIf you like the show please consider giving us a review on Apple Podcasts, and if you would like to chip in to the show and get access to an exclusive extended feed you can become a patron by going to our website, illshowyoumine.show, and clicking “Donate”!”

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