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Survivor S20 Episode 7: I'm Not a Good Villain

Survivor S20 Episode 7: I'm Not a Good Villain

We begin this episode by breaking down the Hilaria Baldwin drama of 2020 but don't worry, we get into this action packed episode next. We break down the challenges, the strategy, and the dramatic tribal council. We finish the episode by sharing our thoughts on the Bachelorette finale and find a way to connect it back to Survivor. Rami Malek also gets a mention, but I really can't explain it, you just have to listen. Talk to you soon in 2021! f you enjoyed this episode please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts (it really helps new shows like ours!) and give us a follow on twitter at @idolchatterpod and on instagram at @idolchatterpodcast. You can also send us an email at We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast to get the latest episodes as soon as they're available.

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