Entrepreneurs 101 - Vanessa Cornell, Nushu

Entrepreneurs 101 - Vanessa Cornell, Nushu

In 2017, Vanessa Cornell founded NUSHU to bring forth the modality of "group" into the mainstream. Today, she speaks on the importance of making something good before making it broad. Vanessa created NUSHU because she needed it, and along the way, she realized just how much everyone else did. She pushes herself to the edge of comfortability, what some people would consider devolving Vanessa considers evolving. Subscribe to Ideamix Radio and stay tuned for new episodes every Thursday. On Ideamix Radio we speak with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, career changers, experts, and enthusiasts for insider tips that help you build the life, business, and career you want. Ideamix is the go-to destination for entrepreneurs to turn their idea into a business. Check out our website at For comments, questions, podcast guest ideas, or sponsorship inquiries, please email

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