Entrepreneurs 101 - Layne Lyons JD, Layne Lyons Legal

Entrepreneurs 101 - Layne Lyons JD, Layne Lyons Legal

Today we spoke with Layne Lyons JD, lawyer and legal coach for female entrepreneurs. She provides the legal foundations for coaches and consultants to safely build on. This is because when it comes to service based businesses, content, money, and relationships should be protected. From burning out to defying the odds, Layne Lyons JD shares with us how her hardest experiences have given her the greatest gifts.Subscribe to Ideamix Radio and stay tuned for new episodes every Thursday. On Ideamix Radio we speak with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, career changers, experts and enthusiasts for insider tips that help you build the life, business, and career you want. Ideamix is the go-to destination for entrepreneurs to turn their idea into a business. Check out our website at For comments, questions, podcast guest ideas or sponsorship enquiries, please email

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