Mur Lafferty

I Should Be Writing

"I should be writing" is what people say, but they rarely do it. This podcast is designed to help you get past those blocks, whether it's what your teacher told you when you were a kid, to being totally sure you'll never be as good as (FAV AUTHOR) so you might as well quit.

Episodes: 100


[ISBW] Repetition

Duration: 31 min

[ISBW] Point of View

Duration: 27 min

[ISBW] Case for Bad Writing

Duration: 32 min

[ISBW] Mythbusting

Duration: 25 min

[ISBW] Persistence and Gardens

Duration: 27 min

[ISBW] ADHD Revisited

Duration: 23 min

[ISBW] Audience Choice

Duration: 30 min

[ISBW] Children, Learn from My Mistakes

Duration: 32 min

[ISBW] The Larpening

Duration: 28 min

[ISBW] LARPing 2 with Jennifer Udden

Duration: 59 min

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