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Financial Tips and Aid Programs During COVID-19

Financial Tips and Aid Programs During COVID-19

While today's bonus episode focuses on the government programs set in the U.S., we believe that the experiences and tips shared by our financial expert guests are relatable to everyone, regardless of where you are located. Thank you to our guests Phylecia an Oona and the 3 entrepreneurs who shared their experiences with us. Find them all below. GUESTS-Phylecia Jones - https://www.keepupwithmrsjones.comOona Rokyta, CEO and Co-Founder, Lance - https://www.justlance.co/covid19ENTREPRENEURSJulia Kline, Host of Solving Me Too Podcast - https://solvingmetoo.comMeegan Czop, Owner of Great Lakes Yard - https://www.greatlakesyard.comBen Yee, Co-Owner of The Camera Department - https://www.thecameradept.com

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