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The CJ Journey: Part 1

The CJ Journey: Part 1

Hey everyone! In this episode I began to tell the story of my Criminal Justice journey! First we brought up some shitty things happening in Missouri, and Jordan joined me briefly to talk more about the show We Are The Champions! As for the CJ journey, this episode only gets into the relevant backstory, the transition into a focus on Law Enforcement, and parts of my time spent studying Criminal Justice.  My thoughts on the education itself, and how it informs my activism now, will all come in Part 2 of this journey, next week!  Also, I am well aware that I preamble too much, basically  nonstop sometimes. Working on it, and you'll hear the results for yourself, so stay tuned! Shitty Stuff from Missouri Follow-up: Kelvin Adams is the superintendent who is leading the closure of 11 St. Louis County schools. There is little which can be done about it now, as the decision will be made the day this episode is released. So should those school close, start with his office to share your complaints and disagreement. It isn't our fault we didn't know sooner, because even though Adams maintains this plan is the product of years of thoughtful deliberation, the plan was shared only last week, a week ahead of the final decision being made. WHATAGUY, AMIRIGHT. Rep Adam Schnelting from St. Charles is responsible for the proposed bill which would shield anyone who hits a person with their car during a riot, or "unlawful demonstration". Senator-elect Rick Brattin is responsible for the proposed bill which would shield anyone who hits a person with their car during a protest.  When calling MO reps and senators about those bills, start with their offices, move to your own reps and senators, and then see how many of our state reps and senators you can get a hold of before your lunch break is over! Just kidding, but not really.  Email me if I forgot anything! Or if you have feedback on the show! Or if you just wanna talk. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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