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I Just Can't Stop Talking about STORYTELLING!!!

I Just Can't Stop Talking about STORYTELLING!!!

This episode is all about storytelling! Obviously I only scratched the surface, so storytelling will come up nonstop moving forward.  We did our usual IJCST stuff, gratitude, pride, current events, but we tried to do them all in story form this time! I uncovered the long lost origin story of storytelling, and shared it with you all!  We talked about some more modern examples as well, how it's all interpreted in our brains, and did some general fanboy behavior over storytelling in general.  Peace, Harmony, Laughter, and Love, to you and yours! PS: It has been called to my attention that in a previous episode I accidentally called Dead Eye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut non-fiction. That was a slip of the tongue, it is ABSOLUTELY FICTION. Good episode to set the record straight on my inability to accurately make basic statements about one of the best stories I've read, by one of the best storytellers I've found...  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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