Jeannie Middlebrooks

The Maiden Voyage- Ep. 00

The Maiden Voyage- Ep. 00

Hey ya'll This is my Maiden episode!!! I'm so excited to be here. I'm even more freaking excited that ya'll are here!!  This is a quick little "about me" episode, as well as touching base on dissatisfaction. Why is being dissatisfied such a bad thing? Babe- What you give is what you get. If you aren't happy with what you have and where you are right now Why do you think the universe is going to give you better?  News flash- It won't.  So be satisfied with the little things. Start today!!!  **Now Offering Free 30 minute coaching sessions!!!! (no strings attached- I promise)  Find me on Social Media!  Facebook- Instagram- @I_Dream_With_Jeannie

Duration: 9 min

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