Has Cancel Culture gone too far? (spoiler, yes)

Has Cancel Culture gone too far? (spoiler, yes)

✮ Welcome to the first episode of ‘I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This, But…’, hosted by me, Olimata! In this week's episode I introduce who I am and what I do, alongside my reasoning for starting a podcast, steering away from shorter-form content and CANCEL CULTURE! Ironically, the fear of getting cancelled by expressing a personal dislike for Cancel Culture is very real, so in this episode, I share my 2-cents on it all and question what *exactly* it is that people want from cancelling someone. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please do drop me a message or comment over on Instagram or YouTube and we can have a chat about it all! ✮ Find me: IG: @wellwitholi YouTube: @wellwitholi TikTok: @wellwitholi ✮ Things mentioned in the pod!: What White People Can Do Next, By Emma Dabiri: https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/443/443684/what-white-people-can-do-next/9780141996738.html Africa Brooke: https://instagram.com/africabrooke?utm_medium=copy_link --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wellwitholi/message

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