Jessica Frew, Matt Frew, & Steve

Space: the Final Frontier

Space: the Final Frontier

In this week’s episode, Steve and Jessica discuss how they moved on after the end of their marriage and how different the process was for each of them.They also talk about how they had to take time for themselves to emotionally heal first before they were able to become friends and navigate and nurture their new relationship. They share how their divorce journey was different, and Steve discusses the difficult things he went through after the separation.Finally, Matt expresses how different his post-separation journey was and tells all about how he used the gym to make space for himself and find time to heal while taking care of his children full-time.Highlights of the discussion: This week’s giveaway (00:54)Jessica's live lesson for March (05:48) A look at your reviews (07:46)Taking time for yourself after divorce (13:12)The importance of stability after a break up (18:58)Finding joy in what you have (27:58)Healing before reaching for the next thing (34:51)Additional sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!--You can find the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.--If you haven’t already, please rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts!Want to receive a heads up on exclusive offers and stories that we felt were too personal for the podcast?! Then sign up for the BOLDetin Board by clicking here.--Are you looking to take more BOLD action in your life? Join our Facebook Group, "BOLD Action Takers" here!--Register for Jessica’s Free Live Lesson.

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