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Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made

Hi guys, this is Jessica, and this week, we're back with a new episode! In it, we discuss something a lot of women experience: the realities of being a step-mom.Just like being a mother, being a step-mom can be difficult, scary, and emotionally draining. Navigating those relationships with your spouse's ex and your step-children is never easy, and so, sometimes, mistakes happen.And today, I own up to the mistakes I made as a new step-mom. I believe all mistakes can be lessons, and I hope you can learn from mine, just like I did!So, if this sounds like your cup of tea, grab yourself a drink, have a seat, and tune in! Highlights of the discussion: - A quick catch up (00:55)- Penny's sleep shenanigans (07:51)- What I'd do differently (17:21)- Back to the beginning (23:33)- My biggest mistake (27:15)- The importance of staying in your lane (29:54)- Getting to the other side of conflict (35:33)- The importance of doing what works for you (38:03) Additional resources:Be sure to follow us on Instagram: @husband_in_law--Find us on Facebook: @husbandinlaw--Looking for the perfect card for your ex or co-parent this Mother's and Father's day? Look no further, we've got you covered! Download and print off your free greeting cards here: everything the HIL Team has to offer by clicking here:

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