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Go and Do Good

Go and Do Good

Hi guys, Jessica here! Following on from last week's episode, Matt, Steve, and I continue our conversation about the church’s stance on LGBTQ people.But first, Matt starts by reading some of the reviews you're leaving us. We love hearing your feedback, it keeps us going, and truly helps us remember why we decided to share our story in the first place.We go on to discuss the responses we got after dropping last week's episode. To be honest, it was all a bit of a doozy! Some comments were great, and some were... less than amazing. Friends and family who listened to the episode contacted us, and we had meaningful discussions with many of the people around us about this subject.Some comments online were quite negative, but we keep going forward, because this is an important conversation to have!Highlights of the discussion: Reading one of your reviews (03:15)Sharing both side of the story (11:29)The aftermath of our last episode (17:42)Are hard conversations worth it? (26:31)Thinking about other perspectives (31:05)The difference between being passionate and being emotional (36:40)Additional resources:Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!--You can find the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.--You can find links to everything the Husband in Law team has to offer here.--Ever wanted to jump on a call with Jessica?! Well now is your chance she is offering FREE Clarity calls to four people each week this month. Claim yours here!--Want to receive a heads up on exclusive offers and stories that we felt were too personal for the podcast?! Then sign up for the BOLDetin Board by clicking here!--Are you looking to take more BOLD action in your life? Join our Facebook Group, "BOLD Action Takers" here.--You can find links to everything the Husband in Law team has to offer here.

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