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Gays in the Church

Gays in the Church

Hi there, it’s Jessica! And this week, Steve, Matt, and I discuss a topic we hold close to our heart: the church’s stance on LGBTQ people.But first, a little update! We start with welcoming Steve, who is back with us now after his COVID mishap, and he is healthier than ever! Hooray to that!We then go on to talk about the most fun subject you can discuss with your friends: funerals! And this is when we find out that Steve wants to be cremated when he dies, because who wants to spend eternity in a cemetery when you could spend it as ashes scattered somewhere beautiful? This conversation gets us to talk about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and their stance on our LGBTQ brothers and sisters!As you might know, Steve grew up as part of the Mormon church, and was active in it until our divorce. And so, naturally, it's always played a big part in our lives. This is the reason why, this week, we're discussing the changes we want to see in it, not just when it has to do with their stance on LGBTQ people, but also their overall culture.Highlights of the discussion: Steve's funeral (no, he's not really dead) (05:07)Reading one of your reviews (11:42)The topic of the week (15:33)What is church culture? (18:44)Gays in the church (22:33)Finding the balance (28:39)On learning to love people (40:01)The importance of faith (48:30)Additional resources:Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!--You can find the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.--You can find links to everything the Husband in Law team has to offer here.--Ever wanted to jump on a call with Jessica?! Well now is your chance she is offering FREE Clarity calls to four people each week this month. Claim yours here!--Get FREE BOLD Backgrounds for your phone here.--Want to receive a heads up on exclusive offers and stories that we felt were too personal for the podcast?! Then sign up for the BOLDetin Board by clicking here!--Are you looking to take more BOLD action in your life? Join our Facebook Group, "BOLD Action Takers" here.--Register for Jessica's Free Live Lesson here!

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