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Hey guys, it's Jessica! And today, we're following up on the awkward situation from last week, because the best way to clear things up is to talk about it!!As you can see, good communication is pretty important to us, but last week, some things kind of got lost in translation.If you remember, we discussed some pretty heavy subjects, talked about boundaries, and about my marriage with Matt and our different ways of showing love. This led to a pretty awkward situation where Matt kept thinking that maybe I didn't feel safe with him. But like I said, things sometimes get lost in translation, so I went and rectified that today.And as a bonus (because heavy conversations always have to be followed by something fun), we all went on and shared some embarrassing stories to lighten things up a bit!So, if this is your idea of fun, well, this week's episode is perfect for you, so tune in now!Highlights of the discussion: Starting off with a review (01:10)Misunderstandings misunderstandings... (10:58)Revisiting last week (16:01)Getting closer while always working on your marriage (22:24)My embarrassing story (25:42)Sharing your anonymous embarrassing stories (28:49)More embarrassing stories (37:23)Additional resources:Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!--You can find the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.--You can find links to everything the Husband in Law team has to offer here.--Ever wanted to jump on a call with Jessica?! Well now is your chance she is offering FREE Clarity calls to four people each week this month. Claim yours here!--Want to receive a heads up on exclusive offers and stories that we felt were too personal for the podcast?! Then sign up for the BOLDetin Board by clicking here!--Are you looking to take more BOLD action in your life? Join our Facebook Group, "BOLD Action Takers" here.

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