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Dealing with other peoples ego

Dealing with other peoples ego

On a day to day basis, you’re most likely faced with ego. Whether it be of a loved one who’s feeling down or, a total stranger at work who just seems to be so angry for no reason. It can be especially frustrating if you’re working on yourself and, trying to grow while being surrounded by this energy. It’s an inevitable confrontation that you’re going to learn to deal with. I have dealt with many peoples egos on my journey and, I’m sure you have as well. One of my greatest teachers, Cameron Dube always says to me, “place love, in the face of hatred” which I believe to be so beautiful. Never fight hate with hate, all the ego wants to do feel negative feelings. So, why would you want to enable that, you would just be fueling the flames. Putting love in a place that feels pain is one of the most magical things you could do, it makes people reflect and it tells your own ego that its not welcome! Kennedy Lutz, Kylee Wilkinson, (instagram) @humbowlspiritual YouTube channel:

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