Halifax Urban Folk Festival

A conversation with Shaun Verreault

A conversation with Shaun Verreault

Mike Campbell: "I met Shaun Verreault when he was touring Canada for the first time in a little band from Saskatchewan called Wide Mouth Mason. I consider him one of the most talented people I know and can’t make up my mind if he’s a better singer than a guitarist or vice versa. Either way, he’ll always be “the kid” to me." Shaun Verreault Twitter: @shaunverreault The Halifax Urban Folk Festival (HUFF) is a celebration of songs, the people who write and sing them, and the stories surrounding their creation. It takes place annually in Halifax, Nova Scotia – a city seeping with songwriting talent – during the last week of August, through Labour Day weekend. HUFF SCHEDULE & TICKET INFO: https://halifaxurbanfolkfestival.com/events

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