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Welcome to "How's the Market." Real Estate. Real Simple. Host Nancy Braun covers the most current real estate topics and developments that actually make sense and matter to you.

Episodes: 20


Showcase Realty | Seeking Listing Agents

Duration: 2 min

HUD Webniar - Closings

Duration: 10 min

Renting vs Buying

Duration: 4 min

HUD Homes: The Biggest Deal You Don't Know About

Duration: 4 min

How to Win with a Short Sale

Duration: 40 min

4 Important Steps To Fix & Flip Success

Duration: 41 min

How To Purchase a Foreclosed Home

Duration: 43 min

Relocation Charlotte

Duration: 41 min

Millenials: How to Buy Your first Home

Duration: 44 min

Non-Traditional Homebuyers

Duration: 40 min

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