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HTL Storytime 002: Oscar, Cat About Town

HTL Storytime 002: Oscar, Cat About Town

ST#002 - I have another storytime for you! In case you have no idea what I am talking about, a few weeks ago I released a bonus podcast where I read a story. Just a little bedtime story. I had had some requests to do so, which amused me, so I recorded one. It was really well received. I was so shocked by that! I am glad so many liked it and honestly, I really enjoyed it too. So, I have decided that I will release a bedtime story for you every month or so. And since it is the first of the month today. Here is a story that I didn’t discover until I had my own children. And I love this one!It was written by James Harriot who was a veterinarian in Yorkshire England about 75 years ago. He has a collection of stories of things that actually happened in his practice. So enjoy Oscar, Cat About Town.

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