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HTL 025: How To Follow Your Intuition, with Miinkay Yu

HTL 025: How To Follow Your Intuition, with Miinkay Yu

#25- At the start of this year I had not even considered doing a podcast. When it was suggested to me, I had no idea how to even go about starting one. But something sparked. And I kept seeing things about it. I heard people talking about it. It was showing up on my radar, and then it dawned on me that these might be signs. So I tuned into my intuition and followed where it led. And here I am.And how absolutely perfect that this episode is about how to hear that inner voice, how to recognize what it is saying to you. How to focus-on, rather than dismiss, that guidance. I am joined today by Miinkay Yu who is a career coach and helps people define what it is they want.She has a wonderful story of how she was led to this calling and she shares some tips and wisdom so that you can start doing it too. It's there. You have it even if you haven’t heard it. Yet. Your inner voice is calling to you. It always is and it is really patient. It is waiting for you to tune it to it. It will never give up on you. And spoiler alert: It always leads you to good stuff!Show notes for this episode can be found at:howtolife.com/025

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