Dr. Laura Jaget

HTL 009: The Wisdom of Procrastination

HTL 009: The Wisdom of Procrastination

#009 - Procrastination is often associated with irresponsibility, laziness, worthlessness, or even defiance. Those are all sorts of negative attributes and no one likes to think of themselves in that light.But what does procrastination mean? Why does it happen to us? This is what I have come to know: Procrastination is the opposite of momentum.Positive momentum is when you are in the flow. You are feeling good, energy is good, you are moving easily and happily, and things are getting done without effort. There is no resistance in your stream.But if there is some resistance in a task that you are faced with then things slow down. If there is a lot of resistance…here comes procrastination...or paralysis. The opposite of momentum!It is often encouraged to fight through resistance. Often we are told that when we really don't feel like it that is the time to push back and break through your walls. I never resonated with that philosophy even though I did it a lot. Procrastinating is a sign that your energy is not lined up in the best way it can be before taking on the task. You just haven't prepared properly.So now that you know procrastination is not a negative reflection of you, you are going to like this perspective I have about it:Procrastination is the wisdom to not move on something that you are not vibrationally ready for.You are not lazy, irresponsible, a flake, or defiant. You are wise! So, Wise One, use that wisdom of yours and line up your energy and watch how easily you complete your tasks.For show notes, visit:howtolife.com/009

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