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Overcoming the Challenges of Career Coaching

Overcoming the Challenges of Career Coaching

Many beginning career coaches think, “We've got this brand that came with the idea, it's gonna go forever!” But at the end of the day, it changes it more as you grow as a person, because that's this whole process that your business grows as well. And with that growth that comes challenges. Lisa Lewis-Miller joins us on the podcast to share her advice as she has gone through 3 big changes in her coaching business in 5 years. You’ll learn: Breaking down some of the biggest challenges Lisa had in starting her own business The sacrifices Lisa had to make along the way Some of the biggest things that you need to know about opening up your own business Things you don't need to worry about (especially in the beginning stages) What's going to actually get you in front of paying clients to build a six figure business   To binge-listen to all the Career Coach episodes: Or check our our Professional Career Coach Training program Check out the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Career Coach!

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