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Everyday is a fight!

Everyday is a fight!

We have a long one for you today guys! A good listen for when you're cleaning, need some company or have a long journey ahead of you.  On this weeks episode we are joined by Maria, Patricia and our half guest Chanel. Naomie was on baby duty so was in and out of this episode trying to keep Chanel occupied.  It's a jam packed episode where we talk about a whole host of things including:  Maria and Patricias business. Mae Da Chanel and Lalas Bakes  Our experiences with racism  Our thoughts on social media and the picking and choosing of some individuals online social justice  We briefly touch on the violence that is occurring in Angola against women, and the victim shaming that seems to follow.  As usual, thank you for taking the time to listen and support us!  If you interested in the Hair products discussed be sure to get in touch with Maria on instagram @Maedachanel01 or if you want some yummy cakes hit up Patricia on instagram @lalasbakes_brighton Until Next Time Friends,  Francisco and Naomie 

Duration: 2 hr 8 min

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