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Handling Feedback

Handling Feedback

🗣 Feedback is very essential when it comes to sustaining Excellence. 💎 Hotel managers rely on great feedback from guests to measure of success. ✅ Hotel teams rely on great feedback from their managers for motivation.👏 Individuals rely on feedback from peers for support and carrying on. 🤝 However giving, receiving AND handling Feedback requires a different level of Awareness. 🤔 Unfortunately, these are not skills we are born with and need to develop them. We cannot wait to build years of experience for them to build naturally..but instead can develop them if we know HOW. ⁉️ Would you like to learn the MOST EFFECTIVE method to Give, Receive and Handle Feedback your Hotel team / yourself? Register your interest : and if you have't already ..ensure you are on our VIP group --- Send in a voice message:

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