Episode 91: Upcycling Through Crafting

Episode 91: Upcycling Through Crafting

It's the first week of school, and we're tapped out — financially, physically, emotionally, all the ways. So rather than go out and find a new project or new materials to buy, why not take what you've got lying around at home and make them into something new and improved? Let's upcycle this week on the Homestyle podcast. In this episode you'll hear: << ideas big and small for turning your "trash" into something usable, from toilet paper rolls turned party favors to old towels and baby clothes made braided into baskets and rugs; << how to make planters out of tin cans, plastic 2-liter bottles and egg cartons; << what to do with old belts — new purse, anyone? << and why all of this matters to you, me and the environment. What have you taken and given new life? What materials did you use? Share your experience (and photos!) in The Homestyle Podcast Facebook group or @Homestylepod on Instagram and Twitter.  Contact Leigh Guidry at or on Twitter @LeighGGuidry. Follow Joe Cunningham at @JoePCunningham. Homestyle is a podcast from The Daily Advertiser that’s all about life, family and the stories they inspire.  A new episode is available each Tuesday on multiple podcast platforms — iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify — and on The Daily Advertiser's website.  Leave us a review and be sure to rate the show on your favorite platform.

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