Episode 90: Ready for Resin

Episode 90: Ready for Resin

We've been talking a lot about food and cooking lately, so to keep one of our co-hosts from feeling left out, we pivoted to a craft topic for this week's episode of the Homestyle podcast.  In this episode you'll hear: << Leigh tells Joe all about a new craft idea she's been researching — resin — and its versatility to create jewelry, serving trays and unique paper weights;  << what's got her so interested in resin; << and tips on where to find supplies, like molds, dyes, pressed flowers and even kits to get you started more easily. Have you tried a resin craft? Share your experience (with photos!) in The Homestyle Podcast Facebook group and or at @Homestylepod on Instagram and Twitter.  Contact Leigh Guidry at or on Twitter @LeighGGuidry. Follow Joe Cunningham at @JoePCunningham. Homestyle is a podcast from The Daily Advertiser that’s all about life, family and the stories they inspire. A new episode is available each Tuesday on multiple podcast platforms — iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify — and on The Daily Advertiser's website.  Leave us a review and be sure to rate the show on your favorite platform.

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