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#3) Struggles of Homelessness | We Are the Same | Kelly’s Story

#3) Struggles of Homelessness | We Are the Same | Kelly’s Story

This podcast is for homeless people looking to get back on their feet and land a steady job. Our main goal is to inspire hope for the homeless job seeker community. I am joined today by an amazing guest today. Kelly Lewis self-proclaimed storyteller of mathematics, having taught math at various schools, including Northeast Community College, and Concordia University of Texas. She’s also been involved in her own philanthropic efforts—volunteering for several causes over the last decade including as a Hurricane Katrina volunteer. She’s also homeless.She’s here today because I want to share her story with those who may be going through a similar struggle. She is also a strong woman who will have some nuggets of encouragement and wisdom herself.      Thank you for tuning in. This is Homebound Radio. Resources Mentioned in the Show:Message me on LinkedIn if you'd like to share something with Kelly: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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