Adam Foley & Elisa Romeo

Parenting from Soul

Parenting from Soul

Parents are some of the many unsung heroes in the global Coronavirus pandemic. Conscious parenting is a profound spiritual path initiating us to re-parent our own unhealed wounds while receiving deep fulfillment by way of radical attachment and Love. How do we stay connected ourselves and offer emotional regulation to our family while taking on the surprising new job of homeschooling? Join us in our offering to parents everywhere, as we talk about using Soul’s wisdom to bring relief and joy to the daily challenges of raising a family. In this episode we cover: * What is the most spiritually important thing we can give our children at this time? * How to truly mirror and connect to your child on a Soul Level * Intuitively-Led Parenting and how to set an emotional intention for the day as a family * Creating good memories by bringing Soul’s daily Love * We close with a powerful guided meditation to bring relief, centering and spiritual orientation

Duration: 40 min

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