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Dracula (1992) “I’m Sorry For All The Trouble” with Carolina Hidalgo

Dracula (1992) “I’m Sorry For All The Trouble” with Carolina Hidalgo

Carolina Hidalgo from The Last Podcast Network’s “No Dogs and Space” and “Movie Signs With The Mads” joins Hold My Popcorn to discuss the super gothic and super horny 1992 horror film Dracula directed by Frances Ford Coppola.  The boys and their first ever LAAADDYY (insert Bill Burr voice) guest talk about the main plot points of this visually strange movie. Highlights include:  Keanu’s horrific English accent, Gary Oldman’s solid C cup on top of his head, vampire freaks in the sheets and where did they come from,  bite victims finding ways to take their top off, bad optics for tongues, how casual Anthony Hopkins was in this movie, using robots as your goons, the movie Air Force One, the weird anticlimactic ending, and living your #bestun-life!  Also, who cleaned up all the blood in Lucy’s room?    Quarantine movie recommendations from the Hold My Popcorn crew include: The Invisible Man (2020) The Witch (2015) Night of the Creeps (1986) House (1985) Waxwork (1988)   If you want to be part of the show, or want to scream at us check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, or email us at    For more on artwork like ours, please visit: 

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