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TWOW Audio Dramatization - Tyrion II

TWOW Audio Dramatization - Tyrion II

A production of Tyrion II from The Winds of Winter. Voice acting, battle sounds, even dragons! Narrator: Alt Shift X Tyrion: Jack Noble Penny: Nina Friel (goodqueenaly) Shae: Guinevere Greenstones “To horse” Yeller & Gorzhak’s Messenger: Leor Melnik Inkpots & Kem: Joggi aka Through the Moon Door Snatch: Jim McGeehin (SomethingLikeALawyer) Jorah Mormont: Will Mosse, Sword of the Mid-afternoon, probably about 3:30 Kasporio: Michael Klarfeld (klaradox.de) Brown Ben Plumm & Erotic Breastplate Messenger: Brian Eidolon Producer: Ashaya Audio & Sound Engineering: Ben Anderson the Bengineer

Duration: 32 min

Release Date:

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