Introductions and FFXVI Reactions

Introductions and FFXVI Reactions

In this episode we will be introducing ourselves and letting you get to know more about us and our connection to Final Fantasy. We touch on a little bit of news before diving into our discussion on the Final Fantasy XVI announcement trailer. We’ll also provide an overview of what we hope to accomplish with this show. Trivia question of the day: What source of energy is used to power the Theater Ship Prima Vista in FFIX? (Answer at the bottom of the episode summary). Episode Summary Introduction of hosts. Who are these guys anyway? How we got into Final Fantasy. What started this obsession? Latest News FF7R selected as Best Game by Trusted Reviews. FFXIV: Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LX is set for Friday, Oct. 9 at 7AM EDT. Final Fantasy XVI discussion. Goals and overview of the podcast. Trivia answer: Mist Recommended Resources Trusted Reviews Announcement (Via FFVIIR Twitter): https://twitter.com/finalfantasyvii/status/1313580436984147968?s=20 (https://twitter.com/finalfantasyvii/status/1313580436984147968?s=20) Letter from the Producer Liver announcement (Via FFXIV Twitter): https://twitter.com/FF_XIV_EN/status/1314229952422858754?s=20 (https://twitter.com/FF_XIV_EN/status/1314229952422858754?s=20) Final Fantasy XVI Trailer (via Final Fantasy YouTube): https://youtu.be/2tBnBAkHv9M (https://youtu.be/2tBnBAkHv9M) Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/CK8mCMJ (https://discord.gg/CK8mCMJ)

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