Heresy E17: Andrus Purde [Founder @ Outfunnel | Former CMO @ Pipedrive]

Heresy E17: Andrus Purde [Founder @ Outfunnel | Former CMO @ Pipedrive]

Andrus Purde is the founder of Outfunnel - a marketing automation tool that's friendly to your CRM. Andrus is a seasoned digital growth marketer, with over 20 years of experience. Before starting Outfunnel, Andrus served as the CMO at Pipedrive, the leading CRM for small businesses. He was one of the very early employees and was responsible for the company's rapid user acquisition. Andrus joined Pipedrive from Skype where he held various digital marketing roles both in Tallinn and London. In this episode of the Heresy podcast, Andrus talks to Dimitar about his increasing discontent for cold email and why he thinks we are all, slowly but surely, killing email as a channel. Andrus also shares his very own framework for determining which marketing channel would be best suited for your business - an absolute MUST-listen to any founder and/or marketer at early stage companies trying to decided what might work best for their business.

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