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Taking your offline business online with Hannah McDonald

Taking your offline business online with Hannah McDonald

Hannah is one of our clients who we started working with about 6 months ago to introduce an online element to her offline business. I wanted to share Hannah’s story with your because it’s one thing to hear from all of these people who are years and years down the road, but it’s so valuable to hear the beginning and get the lessons raw and in real time and in today’s episode, Hannah is generous enough to share with us what that experience has been like taking an offline business online and the things that have worked and the things that are easier said than done!   Plus, she’s one of the kindest and loveliest humans I’ve come across. "Hannah fell in love with business and fitness, combining them to open BurnTheory 4 years ago. Burn has grown from a boutique fitness studio, specialising in barre, boxing, mindfulness and community, and taken this online to create their signature THRIVE online program. It’s all about creating a space together for women who love to move, sweat, stretch and strengthen - but actually also want a good glass of wine at the end of the day. Han has created a killer fitness offering both online and offline, but also created a culture based around community, being real, supporting whole-self health, and a space where real-world women thrive.” Hannah is the creator of Burn Theory www.burntheory.com.au

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