Amy Coats

How To Get Your 1st or Next Client!

How To Get Your 1st or Next Client!

Amy Coats is a Business Coach, Host of the Heels On Fire podcast, and the CEO of the Two Week Notice Society. She helps women around the world start and grows a profitable and sustainable online business to replace their 9 to 5. Our mission is to help women fast track their success so they can start living a life of freedom and flexibility. Successful entrepreneurs know that is known for something specific is a key element of building an online business that allows you to create a massive impact and create freedom and flexibility.   To be successful, it is essential to finding your perfect niche.   Too many entrepreneurs think appealing to everyone is the key to growing a massive audience and getting clients.   Here’s the problem, though - trying to appeal to everyone means you’re actually serving no one.   Think about it.   Not having a niche means you are…   👉Watering down your message and getting lost in a sea of others. 👉Selling a product or service that is so generalized and vague, that your audience doesn’t connect with you or see the value.   So let’s figure out what you will be known for.   Let’s figure out your niche!  Because trust me when I say, the key to finding your next client is getting clear on WHO they are.   ✨In this week's episode, I’m excited to share with you something that will help you with that!   Ways To Connect With Me: Instagram: @twoweeknoticesociety Facebook: Website:

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