Our Vermont Woods

Woods Connection

Woods Connection

In this episode, you will hear from landowners, resource professionals, wood product producers, and members of our podcasting team as we explore our connections to Vermont's woodlands. Hosted by Kate Forrer and Lisa Sausville. Produced by Leah Kelleher. Theme music written and performed by Joanne Garton. Check out our website for transcripts and more information: https://www.ourvermontwoods.org/heartwood Featured guests (in order of appearance): Evan Litsios, Call-in Storyteller Vincent Curtis Hunter, Call-in Storyteller Peggy Farabaugh, Vermont Woods Studio Ken Gagnon, Gagnon Lumber Brian Lafoe, Lafoe Logging, LLC Andrea Shortsleeve, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department Alan Calfee, Calfee Woodlot Management LLC Steve Hagenbuch, Audubon Vermont Sabina Ernst, landowner Skip Abelson, landowner Victoria Blewer, Call-in Storyteller Music featured in this episode: Approaching the Beach by Chad Crouch The Marsh by Chad Crouch Pacific Wrens by Chad Crouch The Big Oak by Chad Crouch Photo courtesy of Kate Forrer, UVM Extension

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