Hear Myself Think

Get outside with Ali

Get outside with Ali

Join Ali in getting out of the house as she attempts to calm her nerves before an interview. While she walks to the end of her street and back, Ali asks whether we can ever rediscover somewhere we know too well, and how we carve out a space for ourselves. Content Warning: Hear Myself Think is an audio drama series, and contains characters talking about their experiences of anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Ali Cherrelle Skeete Announcer Shamail Ali Direction & dramaturgy by Kaleya Baxe Sound design & composition by Kieran Lucas Written by Olly Gully Hear Myself Think has been developed in partnership with Streatham Space Project, and is supported using public funds by Arts Council England. With thanks to Dr Noelle Blackman, Professor Simon Gilbody, and the members, volunteers and staff of Mosaic Clubhouse and Arts Network. Support If, like Ali, you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed or isolated, small activities such as getting exercise, enjoying some fresh air, and breaking down intimidating tasks into small steps can help. However, if these thoughts continue to hold you back from living the life you want to lead, it might be time to share how you feel with a friend, family member, community support group, or your GP. There are also links to additional support on hearmyselfthink.co.uk

Duration: 12 min

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