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#72 | The Seven Essentials To Transform Your Life | Dr. Barun Gorain

#72 | The Seven Essentials To Transform Your Life | Dr. Barun Gorain

Our health is about much more than just what we eat and how much we move. We often forget that humans are still an animal, just like any other out there. We have a connection to this planet that we’ve lost.. Mainly due to technology and invention. If we want to transform our health we need to look deeper into things like natural sunlight, grounding from the earth and the community we put ourselves in. Often times these are the missing links in our health. In this episode Dr. Barun Gorain discusses the 7 essentials to transform your life, which he wrote in his new book. Get your Keto & No Sugar Wine for just 1 penny here: Get 15% off all Perfect Keto Supplements (USE CODE-  KYLE15): Dr. Barun Gorain was born and raised in India, in a progressive mining community near Jamshedpur, now in the State of Jharkhand. Since childhood, he realized the importance of growing up in a supportive community that allows genuine and everlasting bonding for a joyful and vibrant living. Based out of British Columbia and now Ontario, Canada, Dr. Gorain was involved in developing innovative solutions to various challenges in mining and metals processing that took him all over the world. While keenly aware of the functional importance of minerals as a resource for manufacturing and everyday use in our lives, Dr. Gorain has become increasingly fascinated by the physical, biological, electro-chemical and energetic properties of minerals in both the earth and the human body. Download your FREE Guide to Getting Started on Keto For Weight Loss here: OR Join the upcoming Accelerate Your Weight Loss Online Workshop..It's FREE!: Follow Kyle Reidhead on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:

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